Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch in India set at May 10, Price Rs. 44,999/-

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Samsung will launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 on May 10 for India available either the same day or soon after via the online Samsung Store. The company has decided to keep the price of their newest flagship at Rs. 44999/- for the 16GB variant.

Here is the best part of the news, the Samsung Galaxy S4 set for India is the Exynos based Octa-core variant and not the quad-core as most were expecting. Although Samsung might change over to a quad core variant if the sales are slow as they were for the S2 in India and the company then launched a cheaper Single core alternate chipset variant adding a G at the end of the model number. 

Samsung has taken a similar strategy with the Samsung Galaxy S4 ( or plans to) with the company expecting good sales numbers based on the hype created by the launch. Post that they plan to shift to a quad core variant similar to the one in the US.




Apart from the chipset the Samsung Galaxy S4 also has a 5 inch 1920x1080p Super-Amoled display, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage for the Indian variant, along with a 13 MP camera at the rear capable of full hd 1080p video at 30fps.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 also has Android 4.2.2 along with the latest TouchWiz UI.

Google Nexus 7 Now Available via Play Store In India For Rs.15,999

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Remember the Google Nexus 7 tablet? That amazing piece of hardware at a jaw-dropping price from Google?  Yes, that. Well, if you’re still interested in buying the tablet and have been waiting to get your hands on one of those here in India, we have good news for you. The 16GB Wi-Fi version of the Google Nexus 7 is now available via the Google Play Store in India for a price of Rs.15,999 and Google promises the delivery by April 5 if one places an order today.

We’re not too sure if this development has anything to do with Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt’s visit to India just a few day ago, but while he was in Delhi, he did apologize for the availability of Nexus products in India. Schmidt added that the company has been working to bring Nexus products in India but there are a few problems for which the company still has to find a solution.

One of the problems mentioned by Schmidt pertaining to the availability of Nexus products in India is that they are more expensive than what they should be, and some of the reasons for that could be transit costs and import duties. Other than that, Schmidt also mentioned about certification issues which the Nexus products have to face here in India.

If you can’t recall the specifications of Google Nexus 7, here they are- The Nexus 7 sports a 7-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM. With such raw power under the hood, the Google Nexus 7 is still one of the best tablets available in the market today. The version of Nexus 7 available on the Play Store is the base version, which comes with 16GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s also a 1.2 megapixel camera on the front and the tablet runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out-of-the box, but can be upgraded to Android 4.2.2 as soon as you take it out of the box.

However, the same version of Nexus 7 retails for $199 in the US but again, Eric Schmidt did mention that the Nexus devices in India are more expensive than what they should be, so we can’t really complain. Still, if you wish to buy a tablet for yourself, the Google Nexus 7 is one of the best options available at present. If you want to buy the Nexus 7, you can book one here.