Galaxy S4 might come with an Eye Scrolling feature: Report.

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he launch of one of the most anticipated smartphones for 2013, the Galaxy S4 might just be 9 days away, but that doesn’t mean that the rumors mills should stop working, right? Till now, every leak about the S4 had focused on the hardware aspect of the smartphone and little had been said on the software front but according to a latest report, Samsung might be preparing something big on the software side as well.

According to a latest report in the New York Times, the Galaxy S4 will have a strong focus on software as well and the website says that a Samsung employee who claims to have used the Galaxy S4 describes an interesting new feature on the device, known as Eye Scrolling.

With the help of this new feature, the Galaxy S4 would be able to monitor a user’s eyes to determine where to scroll. For instance, while reading text on the smartphone, whenever the user reaches the bottom of the page, the Eye Scrolling feature would detect the gesture and automatically move to the next page.

The employee from Samsung din’t divulge in any more details about the new feature or whether it would be demonstrated at the Galaxy S4 launch event on March 14 but he did mention that “software features of the new phone outweighed the importance of the hardware”.

However, the eye tracking feature is not something new for Samsung, as it is already using a similar feature in Galaxy S3 as well, to keep the display on when the user is looking at it. 

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